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The Recovery of Araba’s PTT in Karelia (II/II)


The PTT and one of the fir trees.

Dinner, vodka, Karelian cognac, long life the Basque Country!, long life Karelia!... and so on and so forth.

The Karelian team (Valery, Ilya, Alexandr). The Basque team (Ruben, Ibon, Pablo, David, Adolfo and Joseba).

(c-4) Main results

(i) Coordinates and distances:

PTT’s coordinates: N62 21.381 E32 08.332

Forest road fixed point’s coordinates: N62 21.592 E32 08.193

Distance from forest road fixed point to class 3 location: 356 m.

Distance from forest road fixed point to PTT: 411 m.

Distance from class 3 location to PTT: 560 m.

Rantala, Loc 3 and PTT / PTT and Loc 3

(ii) Emissions’ data:

Here the last data1 given by Araba’s PTT in Rantala, region of Suojarvi in Karelia:

83300 Date: 29.09.09 17:18:34 LC : Z IQ : 00

Here the first data given by Karelia (name of the ‘new’ PTT in honor to our friends) in Araba (Basque Country):

83300 Date: 04.10.09 10:51:21 LC : 0 IQ : 50

5. Conclusions

Here the main conclusions:

a) We have proved that Paul Howey’s methodology to find lost PTTs is correct.

We have proved that VHF telemetry is the ideal method to find lost PTTs.

As said in an e-mail to Cathy Bykowsky (MTI), we think that Paul should have to re-write and publish again that article.

b) Argos is correct when they say that the accuracy of a 3 class location is inside a circle of 250 meters of radius.2

However, as pointed out by Christian Ortega of CLS (Argos), one should take into account the ellipse results. The circle error is an approximation and with “flat” ellipses, error estimated may be quite different.

That was our case.3

c) It has been a real pleasure to know a lot of different people: some through e-mails and internet (Nikita, Misha and Sergey), others (Alexandr, Ilya and Valery) in real touch.

All of them will always be in our memory, if only because all and each of them were able to give us the opportunity to have a real wonderful time in Karelia.

Thanks a lot (= Mila esker!)

Long live Karelia!

As Shakespeare wrote: All’s Well That Ends Well!


Meyburg, B.-U. and C. Meyburg (2009) Wanderung mit Rucksack: Satellitentelemetrie bei Vögeln, Der Falke, 56: 256-263.

Tobar-Arbulu, J.F. et al. Scolopax rusticola without frontiers: Araba from the Basque Country to Karelia (paper to be presented in Rabocheostrovsk, in 2010).


Different organizations and wonderful people have taken part in this adventure. Many thanks to all and each of them!

Here the people:

a) Dr. Nikita Chernetsov, Dr. Mikhail Markovets, Mr Sergey Ponomarev and Mr Valery Shpilevoi
b) Dr. Alexandr Artemjev and his son Ilya
c) Felipe Diez and Zarbo Ibarrola were in constant touch through internet (when possible) and through the phone
d) Christian Ortega (CLS, Argos)

Also some organizations:

1) FEDENCA (Fundación para el Estudio y Defensa del la Caza)
2) IREC (Instituto de Investigación en Recursos Cinegéticos)
3) The TXEPETXA team of SEO/Birdlife (Sociedad Española de Ornitología)
4) The CCB itself (Club de Cazadores de Becada)
5) Argos people always have been ready to help
6) Last but not least, MTI (Microwave Telemetry Inc)

This work is part of a series of different papers done by a team composed by Ibon Telletxea, Mikel Arrazola, Zarbo Ibarrola, Raúl Migueliz, Joakin Anso, Izaskun Ajuriagerra, Ruben Ibáñez, Roberto Gogeaskoetxea, Felipe Diez and Joseba Felix Tobar-Arbulu.

1 Data when we were close to the PTT in Suojarvi, trying to find it. At that time with did not know these data.

2 In Argos’s words and “The location class is attributed based on the radius of error. The location class and associated error are sufficient for many applications”.

3 See


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