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Creation of wealth

José Antonio Garrido Doctor in Industrial Engineering

The business model for advanced economies in this first decade of the 21st century has been characterised by substituting key variables such as technology, efficiency... with pseudo-variables defined in so-called “financial engineering”. This led to the crisis that we are currently suffering.

If there were a radical change in trend at the start of the next decade, we might see 2020 as the start of a “new age” where the company’s fundamental mission would be the CREATION OF WEALTH. Fleeing, therefore, from past fallacies where self-interest simplification presented companies to us as a great machine for making money, or creating value for shareholders (speculators), or...

Photo: cometstarmoon

Photo: cometstarmoon.

CREATE WEALTH FOR WHAT? To attain five fundamental milestones:

In order to achieve this, it will be necessary to return to professionals’ companies. Professionals that, working from the knowledge-behaviour biome, share a Company Project based on solid values (innovation, professionalism, identity, community, opportunity...) which are projected in principles which must be met for each of the collectives (shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, society) towards those which CREATING WEALTH are aiming for.

Our country, Euskadi, requires a renewal Project built on shared ideas, on an all-encompassing Basque society which is capable of creating the right conditions so that we can feel proud to belong to our land as citizens, because we are capable of satisfying our individual and collective needs with a quality which makes us stand out, in line with our skills and resources.”

Building this new Country must be measured and evaluated by meeting some specific and quantifiable targets:

“Within 10 years, we must be the best in Spain and among the top five regions in the European Union in: GDP, Health, Education (Primary, Secondary and University Teaching), Care for the Elderly and have achieved a high level of integration in terms of “Mixing the Three Historical Territories.”


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