312 Zenbakia 2005-09-02 / 2005-09-09


Reseña. An introduction to Applied Linguistics: English as a Second Language

Egilea: Jasone Cenoz Argitaletxea: UPV/EHU Orrialde kopurua: 186 ISBN: 84-8373-595-4 Ezaugarriak: This book is an introduction to Applies Linguistics and it focuses on second language acquisition. It discusses different theoretical approaches from an interdisciplinary perspective and deals with the main areas of research in second language acquisition such as individual differences, the role of instruction, cross-linguistic influence or input and interaction. It also includes a specific chapter on the acquisition of English as a third language. This volume is designed as a teaching guide for students of Applied Linguistics. It includes practical activities and an annotated bibliography at the end of each chapter. It also includes additional sources for the study of second leanguage acquisition such as dictionaries and internet links.