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2004/02/20-27 The Atlas of Languages

Egileak: B. Comrie, S. Matthews, M. Polinsky

Argitaletxea: Hardcover

Orrialde kopurua: 224

ISBN: 0-8160-3388-9

Ezaugarriak: The Atlas of Languages offers an introduction to the world of languages and linguistics for the general reader. This global survey of language families, their distribution, spread, and - in some cases - decline is illustrated by a rich variety of maps, photographs, and tables.

In a detailed account of the language families of each region of the world, interesting and sometimes unique features of grammar and vocabulary are identified and explained. The archeological, historical, cultural, or social political background where it has had an impact on the dissemination, development, or decline of a language is examined. The geographical distribution of languages - both historical and contemporary - is reflected in over 30 unique full-color maps. Points of general interest, linguistic, cultural, and historical are highlighted in special boxed features.

The writing systems of the world are also examined in detail. The evolution of over 2000 languages is explained and illustrated with specific examples, while photographs of ancient artifacts, manuscripts, monuments, and statues all illustrate the use of various writing systems over the last 5,000 years.

Finally, the Book addresses the issue of disappearing languages, as well as identifying languages that are under threat of extinction. Efforts to preserve and revive the dying languages of the world are fully discussed.

UNESCO Linguapax. Hizkuntz politikei buruzko nazioarteko mintegia

Egileak: Aintzane Leniz (Koor.), UNESCO Etxea

Argitaletxea: UNESCO Etxea , 1997

Orrialde kopurua: 411

ISBN: 84-605-6140-2

Ezaugarriak: Hizkuntz politikei buruzko nazioarteko mintegia (1996, Leioa). Dohako Argitalpena Encyclopedia of the Languages of Europe

Egileak: Glanville Price

Argitaletxea: Blackwell Publishers

Orrialde kopurua: XVII + 499

ISBN: 0-631-22039-9

Ezaugarriak: With an immense range, this book attempts to classify, map and describe all of the languages of Europe, both contemporary and historical. Including entries written by around sixty scholars of international repute, the collection provides both depth and breadth in terms of coverage and range of materials employed. It would be almost impossible to give an impression of the all the many fine features which it contains.