At the University of Oxford we are continuing to find ways of broadening the network of people in the UK who are intereste in Basque Studies. Our current Visiting Basque Fellow, Javier Díaz Noci, has made an excellent start to the term and already has numerous scholarly contacts across the University. His active presence in St. Anthony's College has once more brought attention to current issues in the Basque Country and promises to widen and to enhance the academic network linking Euskadi with Oxford.

Readers may be interested to know that the London Euskal Etxea exits and has a membership of some 60 people from wide range of professions as well as from the university sector. One of the society's primary contributions to Basque Studies in the UK is the provision of Basque Language classes in Londos. The society sponsors numerous musical events, amus championship match and has its own football team.

For further information write to Euskal Elkartea, PO Box 14050 London E1 6TP

Sandra Ott, University of Oxford


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